Tuesday, November 25, 2008


OK - I admit it, I am totally silly!!! After all that stress, and frustration, and feeling like a failure - I got to training today and the other two participants had not even finished the silly thing. It was totally agreed upon by everyone involved, even our trainer, that this is very difficult.

I figured out something about myself - well, one of many things - I get pretty obsessed and anal about things that are extremely important to me. I tend to be laid back and do things fairly moderately - as in, I am NOT an over achiever by any means. BUT apparently I can have that tendency in certain areas of my life. If I screw up a pie or a cake - watch out! I will be in a pissy mood until I remake and do it perfectly. I never really realized how much pressure I put on myself in certain situations.

SO - I am telling you that I will no longer be anal retentive about my Zoe training - so hold me accountable - OK? I also found out that we have 24 hours of training with someone else doing the counseling and us watching before we even have the option of being lead counselor. That is 24 appointments - whew!! What a relief!

OK - boring post, I know, but wanted to let you know I am FINE - just had a small melt down yesterday!!


citizen of the world said...

But you know, you'll have other crises of faith as you go, because it's who you are. You care. That's not a bad thing. In fact, if you get to the point where you are blase' about it, that should be a sign to you that something has gone wrong. Worry when you need to, be obsessive when you need to, but for heaven's sake go easy on yourself!

Jen said...

Ah-I do the same thing!
I like citizen's comment a lot!