Monday, April 27, 2009

"P" is for....Princess

We were through having kids when God surprised us with this... A Princess!!
All three of my children are wonderful and a true blessing. I am not partial to Lizzie nor do I love her more, but I do seem to be enjoying her more.

I wish when Reagan and Jake were young I would have taken the time to played with them more, read with them more, just flat enjoyed them more. I was a young mom when they were young - I was a busy working mom that had things to do - dad gum it!! I wish I would have known then what I know now - Don't sweat the small stuff, it all has a way of working out in the end anyway.

Yesterday we were doing a clean up because it is always nice to start Monday off with some semblance of order in the house. I gave Lizzie a job which made me cringe a little, but I need to let her start learning how to do bigger jobs, even if it means a bit of a mess for now. She had the window cleaner and a roll of paper towels. I looked over and see her trying to clean 20 squirts of cleaner with one very damp, soaked paper towel on the French doors.
Me: "Hey, baby, you might want to pull 3 or 4 off of the roll to use at once on those doors."

Lizzie: "Have you ever heard of WASTE?"
Me: "Well, sometimes, when you are cleaning, you need a little bit more. You are not wasting it if you are actually using them for something." (I guess the over excessive spray was NOT wasteful to a 7 yr old thinking...)

Lizzie: Holding the paper towels over her head and glaring at me from across the room, "MOM, do you know they make these things out of TREES?!"

Sunday, April 26, 2009

So Sad...

I just found out a dear friend passed away last night. Verne was the husband of our Deacon at St James. They are precious people. He has been sick as long as I have known them...

Verne - I am sad because of the large void you have left behind. I am sad because I know Roxanne will be so lonely. I am also happy - happy you are not struggling to breath anymore. Happy that you no longer have the physical limitations on you, Happy you are with our Lord right now.

May He bring peace to your family and friends. It was an honor to know you.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Today was the day - Choosing time!! It was HARD too!! Imagine 8 of these cuties all running around and having to pick ONE!

On the way over, we all decided we would defer to the puppy that Sean thought was the right one for our family. It is his 40th birthday gift after all!

This is OUR new puppy!!! She went NUTS over that bird wing! She should be a great field dog. She had great conformation and a really good disposition. We all loved her.

We also loved every single one of her sisters? Aren't they precious? At this point, I was glad I had been wise enough to say Sean got last say - cuz I could NOT have done it - NO WAY!!

They were all so cuddly and so sweet. We had a lot of fun playing with all of them. Is there anything more precious than a puppy?

I will admit, after spending an hour constantly chasing these little suckers around, I am feeling a little apprehensive. They found their way into ANYthing and EVERYthing!

This was the only time I even saw one sit still for a second.

Jake is very excited. This is NOT the puppy we chose, but he didn't really care which one we got, as long as we got one. It is NICE to have something the whole family is involved in.

Here they are all chasing the bird wing on a string, Sean was teasing them with it. That is our puppy on your far right, but we didn't know she was the one yet in this shot.

Yep, nothing quite as wonderful as a roly poly puppy. The stork will deliver her to our house next Friday - 6 days!! Woo hoo!!! And NO - she does not have a name yet, for now just call her "Ole What's Her name" that is what I am doing.

Thanks Cassie!!

Chica got a package in the mail!!! It was from Cassie's wonderful pups! I would have liked to see them at the post office... anyway, she got this lovely shirt, which unfortunately could come in quite handy and fit her well!

I don't have a picture yet, but she also got a cat toy - which she LOVES!!
Cassie - all her favorite toys are cats! She has a turkey she never touches and a bear she hardly ever gets - but she brings her squeaky cats to us all the time!! GREAT choice!! and feathers as well, another one of her favorites!! Thanks Cassie!!!! You are the best!

Friday, April 24, 2009

"Can't Make me!"

" I will NOT come outside, I WILL not - and YOU can't MAKE me, nany nany boo boo!!"

Still Snowing...

Yep, got up this morning and it was still snowing!!! Looks like we have about 8 inches or more....

Jake, Lizzie and I have NO place to go today - woo hoo!! think we will hunker down, watch some movies, drink cocoa, eat comfort food and play in the snow a bit! It should be really wet this time of year and will hopefully stick together for some snow creatures!! By the way, Dolly and Dancer are both inside that lean to exclaiming - "What the Heck? It was 70 two days ago!!!!"

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our House Today...4/23/2009

Dance like snowflakes, dance like snowflakes

In the air, in the air

Whirling, twirling snowflakes

Here and there, here and there

Lizzie just looked out the window and exclaimed - "It's like Christmas all over again!"

Lizzie is Reading!

It has finally clicked - she has been on the verge for months -she could sound out the words, she could read the books, she just didn't realize it yet or enjoy it. BUT that has all changed this week - she is reading everything she picks up and everything she sees out in the world!! Woo Hoo!! So fun to watch that transition - now the world is truly her oyster and she can go anywhere she wants to go and do anything she wants to do - books open up a whole new universe!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


It is spring in Montana! Look at the sunshine. Oh - look how it brings a smile to the young child's face... OH wait - she is just a camera ham... Seriously, though, isn't the sun lovely?

Even Jake emerges from his cave when the sun is shining. I am making that up - Jake swings hours a day, everyday, even if it is raining. This is the log swing Sean built to accommodate our 6 ft, 230 lb swing addict. But, it looks so much more fun and wonderful while the sun is shining down on them!

Here is Chica basking in the warmth - this is the weather of her people! Yes, the sun is shining - but I do not kid myself - it will snow again. It is only April after all. Since moving to Montana from Texas in 1998 I have seen snow every month except in July. I am waiting for that one though - I have heard stories from native Montanans that remember snow on July 4th. But, I will put that out of my mind for today, because for today - We have SUNSHINE!! Glorious Sunshine!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Letter "O"...

O nO!!! Wisdom Teeth remOval!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jake is doing well, NOW - that first hour and a half was just weird - he was mean and aggressive. He tried to get out of the car while I was going 45 miles an hour!! Silly kid!
He is now resting! Thank God!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Need Coffee?

"Don't tell me it is morning already."

Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Friday

Happy Friday. Last Friday was Good Friday. I was raised Southern Baptist. I think we went to Good Friday services - I am sure I knew that Christ died on Friday and arose on Sunday. But, honestly, Sunday was mostly about getting a new dress and wanting to look as nice as my friends did on Easter morning. I am not trying to bash Baptists or any other faith. Heck, we will all be up in heaven together and we need to spend time focusing on what brings us together and not what pulls us apart. I am sure I was just not getting all that was being presented to me in that church.

When I started dating Sean, he was Episcopalian. They didn't go much - Easter and Christmas Eve. Yet, once Sean started attending the Baptist church with me, his mom was very angry about that. In fact, on Sunday morning, while his family slept, he would sneak out to the carport and push is jeep out into the alley so they wouldn't hear him start it. While growing up, Sean spent a lot of time with his Grandma. She had a very strong faith. I am so grateful to her because I honestly believe so much of the good things I love about my husband were instilled in him by that precious lady.

The first time I attended the Episcopal church - I thought it was crazy. I was cynical. I didn't understand how reading prayers could be fresh and real. I thought those people were just "going thru the ropes" and not being heartfelt in their worship. I can be very judgemental about things that I don't understand.

Now, I have been active in the Episcopal Church for years. I LOVE it! To go thru the entire Lenten season of 40 days of making a sacrifice, even as small as it was, helps me to keep thoughts of my Saviour's sacrifice close in thought. Then to go through all the services on Holy Week, I really felt like I had seen a small part of the process Christ went thru that week before His death and resurrection. Saturday night we have an Easter Vigil. The service starts dark and as we get through the service we go from sadness to joy. It was very emotional for me. I was filled with joy!

I really get so filled with gratitude that it feels like it will overtake me - it starts in my chest and begins to grow all over my body. I wish I had words to express it. There are none. A woman that used to not be able to get out of bed or leave her home is now worshiping God by singing in the choir, volunteering at a pregnancy crisis center, and now, through an amazing business, spreading hope to other people daily! God has given me my own mini resurrection. I hope that is not offensive to anyone, but I truly feel that way. I had NO hope and now my life is filled with more hope than I ever dreamed possible again.

Last Friday was good Friday - but because of that day - today can be a great Friday, and tomorrow and EVERY day is filled with hope. He didn't just bring us hope all those years ago - He is bringing miracles every single day NOW!! He is still the God of miracles, and I am so grateful!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dream Chaser

You know, there are just people that enjoy drama - I am NOT one of them. There are people that are not happy and want everyone around them to be as miserable as they are - I am NOT into those kind of people. It is sad really. All my life though, I have given people like that the benefit of the doubt and been compassionate, and you know what, seems I always end up drawn into their drama!! I HATE that!

I have found a solution - there is no science behind this, I am just making it up as I go along, but it makes sense to me. Kinda like that run-on sentence...anyway... This is what I think - 95% of people in a crisis or bad situation truly want to get out of it. I hesitate to call them "victims" but honestly, I am talking about good people that are in situations out of their control. The other 5% want to be exactly where they are so they can whine and moan about it. I do not even know if this is on a conscience level, but they are the people that make repetitive bad choices and refuse to look to themselves for change and continue to blame everyone and everything around them for where they are. These are the people I have found that steal my dreams - because I allow them to. Or - I always have in the past.

I have found something that helps. If I keep my eyes on where I want to be, and keep moving forward - soon those people are long behind me. In the past, I felt guilty deserting them and stayed with them and tried to help them, but they were not matching my efforts. These types of people will just suck the life right out of you if you stay long enough. I am learning to run!! I will match their efforts 100% - but if they are not giving any effort on their own, I am now just moving forward. There is a difference in being compassionate and being a door mat. Glad at 40 I am finally figuring it out!

"I'm a dream chaser, a star gazer, that's what I am. But I've always known I'd come back home when I found my rainbows end. Rainmakers and heartbreakers could never change my plans. Dream chaser, that's what I am." The Judds

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Red was a gift to us in Odessa, TX in 1994. My husband, Sean, had hunted with some fellows in New Mexico for several years. Robert was one of the men. He was a neat guy, who has since lost his teenage son in an automobile accident. I always feel bad for any parent that loses a child, it must me the most horrible pain.

Robert bred German Shorthair pups. He had one litter with 2 left over males no one had taken. I guess Robert had taken a liking to Sean, so we got a call and he was gonna give us one of the pups. Sean headed off to New Mexico and came home with a 3 month old, "Red".

We were pretty excited, especially Sean. That dog was a nightmare in so many ways... over the years he ate through a wooden fence, well, more than one actually. Then while we had him chained in the front yard, you know, with one of those stakes that you screw an entire foot into the ground? Well, he was staked in the front yard while the new cinder block fence was being installed... He actually pulled that entire stake out of the ground and was gone. He returned hours later, still dragging that 20ft cord attached to the muddy stake!! He was an escape artist. He escaped more times than I can even count. Once we moved to Montana he was in an 8 foot tall chain link Kennel - he quickly learned how to climb the chain link. So, he was cabled inside his kennel - can't tell you how many times we could come home and there was Red, on the outside of the kennel, chain attached, just standing there because there was not enough slack to do anything else. Wish I had pictures of that!!

He HATED cats with a passion. Once we came home from church and he had pushed the unlocked sliding door into the house open. The first site that greeted me was the living room - all couch cushions off the couch, chairs upside down or on their side, EVERYTHING in disarray. I found the poor Kitty on TOP of my bathroom door - very precariously trying to keep all four paws on that 2 inch wide spot, and Red right there at the base of the door still waiting... BAD DOG!!

OH and his health - He had "acne"?!!! At just a few months old, he was going through what the vet called something "rare" but does occur - I should have known right then that we might have a few extra vet bills than we were expecting to come our way!! One day while I was loading the dishwasher, he sauntered over and ate the spot free rinse agent, he also ate rat poisoning more than once... can't even remember how he got that, I think he broke into the garage. This dog was HARD to contain I am telling you!! Once he escaped and was gone for 2 days. We didn't know if we would see him again, but he came back - covered in cigarette burns all over his body. That broke my heart. I just do NOT get how anyone could do that. We live in a sad world.

As wild and crazy as he was, the second he jumped out of the truck on a bird hunt, he was ALL business. He was an amazing hunting dog. Sean had so much fun training him. He was his best buddy. I had never seen Sean be so attached to an animal - and Lord knows we have had too many to count over our 21 yrs of marriage.

In June of 2006 when Red was 11 years old he made his Great Escape. We had gone over to Butte to celebrate Reagan's 15th Birthday. There was a play she wanted to see and we just decided to stay overnight in a Hotel and let the kids swim and play, etc.... So, that afternoon we left for the play, leaving Red in the room. When we returned he was just gone. I personally do not believe he could have pushed that handle down and walk backwards and open that door, but after reading the things I just wrote about all of his escapes, maybe he did... We will never know. We searched for days... We went back to Butte off and on for months. We ran adds and people called that had seen him, but we never found him again. When we go on trips, we never pass through Butte that we don't stop at the shelter and check "just in case". He would be 14 this April.

Red, we miss you buddy, but we will never forget you.

Monday, April 13, 2009


OK, Folks! Today - I am asking you for an "N" - a NAME!! It is quickly becoming a big ordeal at our house - I am not a person that likes discord and this is becoming a source of discord around here. One of these precious babies will be coming to live at my house on May second. OH - the cat is out of the bag - we made it 4 days before telling Sean about his 40th birthday gift. Sean lost his beloved, Red, also a German Shorthair, almost 3 years ago - Maybe I will tell his story tomorrow ... anyway. We will get a female and for field purposes, she will hunt and possibly do Field trials, we need a one syllable name.
To give you a small idea, the only name we have all somewhat agreed on was Tinkerbell, and call her "Tink" or "Bell". Sean came up with that (shocking) and I really liked it until Jake pointed out the obvious - "Paris Hilton's dog is Tinkerbell!" and now that is all I think of when I hear the name... It needs to be one syllable cuz when you give commands in the field it should be short and sweet and the name is attached because it is often that you are hunting with several people and their dogs... OK so go for it - give us lots of name ideas. Weird, funny, cute, serious - whatever!! We would love to hear your ideas!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

On Good Friday - and always - May His light guide your path, May His love grace your heart... and may His sacrifice stregthen your soul!!! It is such a reminder that things always look darkest before the dawn. I love you, guys, and am so blessed by my blog friends!! Thanks for being a part of my journey.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I am about to burst and have to tell someone!! I have NEVER been good at keeping secrets. See these beautiful German Shorthair puppies? One of them will be living in my house SOON! We lost our precious Shorthair, Red, about 3 years ago. He escaped from a hotel room in Butte, MT and we never found him again. We had gone over for Reagan's birthday, stayed in a hotel just for fun. We had gone to a play and when we returned he was gone, just gone. We went back and searched for him for the first few months, to no avail.
Red was Sean's hunting buddy. He still cries when we talk about him. Sean will be 40 in May so guess what? Yep - Happy Birthday to Sean!! I hope he is happy and will enjoy training another bird dog. I also hope he is prepared to pick up LARGE piles of poop. There is a world of difference in what comes out of Chica, our chihuahua, and what these thing will eventually produce!!

The three kids and I went to meet them last night. OH MY they were so cute! I thought one would stand out to me, but NOPE! So, I decided I will let Sean decide. He will eventually get to pick, in FOUR weeks!! I need to quit thinking about their cuddly goodness or I am gonna slip up!! and month is a long time!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

M is for Mysterious Milo!!

The funny thing about these pictures is that I didn't take them. I didn't even know they existed until I downloaded my pictures.

A few weeks ago I came downstairs to discover a shredded TP roll all over the living room rug, but had no idea which cat was responsible. We have four cats so it was in the air as to which one was actually guilty.

I don't even know who took the pictures, probably Jake. Who then obviously left the mess for me to find later. I LOVE cleaning up messes I didn't create - that is why I have pets and kids!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Day

Today was a much better day than yesterday. It was full of sunshine, fun, and hope! It was a new beginning and a fresh start. April fools day always reminds me of my maternal Grandma because she ALWAYS had a good one to pull over on everyone's head! She was a woman that could always find a reason to get up in the morning and make a difference in the world - all the way until just a few weeks before her death at the age of 94.
"They won't all be sunny days - Life's gonna bring out some rain But I can restore it. I'll be that much stronger for the pain. So, even when I'm sad I know everyday I have is still beautiful." Jessica Simpson