Monday, April 13, 2009


OK, Folks! Today - I am asking you for an "N" - a NAME!! It is quickly becoming a big ordeal at our house - I am not a person that likes discord and this is becoming a source of discord around here. One of these precious babies will be coming to live at my house on May second. OH - the cat is out of the bag - we made it 4 days before telling Sean about his 40th birthday gift. Sean lost his beloved, Red, also a German Shorthair, almost 3 years ago - Maybe I will tell his story tomorrow ... anyway. We will get a female and for field purposes, she will hunt and possibly do Field trials, we need a one syllable name.
To give you a small idea, the only name we have all somewhat agreed on was Tinkerbell, and call her "Tink" or "Bell". Sean came up with that (shocking) and I really liked it until Jake pointed out the obvious - "Paris Hilton's dog is Tinkerbell!" and now that is all I think of when I hear the name... It needs to be one syllable cuz when you give commands in the field it should be short and sweet and the name is attached because it is often that you are hunting with several people and their dogs... OK so go for it - give us lots of name ideas. Weird, funny, cute, serious - whatever!! We would love to hear your ideas!!


Busy Bee Suz said...

The one syllable part is hard for me....
I do like Tink and I really did not even think about perhaps you can forget about HER??? :)
Good luck...I can't wait to find out what you decide!!!

Daisy said...

Aw...those puppies are so cute!! One syllable names...hmmm. How about Lill or Meg? Happy Monday to you!

Jen said...

Peggy; the short version could be Peg.
Sue. If she is the Runt of the liter you can call her Suey. as in "soooo-eeee". :)
Happy N Day!

reliv4life said...

Suz - thanks for all the suggestions! out of these, we like Roo and Joy!

Daisy - I KNOW! the one syllable has been hard for me! LOVE Meg, but I am outvoted!

Jen - thanks! I also like Peg - SOOOEEEE is cracking me up!!

Friar Tuck said...

I think you should name it after some montana place. Place names are good dog names. Madison for instance. Or some place up in glacier.

also think pearl would be good.

Ben said...

Cute litter there!
Not really good at names, but you COULD go with:
Mae or May
Sally (Sal)
and so forth...

Margaret said...

Rose is a German name(since that's her breed's origin) is Dell, meaning bright and noble.
Cute little babies! Good luck with your pup.

Shellmo said...

So it's going to be a girl??!
Okay I'm going w/ Irish names here:

Cassie said...

Name game.May may bo-bay,banana fana fo fay, fee,fi, momay, May!

I like MAY, if that is the month you get to bring the pup home it will also be a reminder!

Good N word!