Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Friday

Happy Friday. Last Friday was Good Friday. I was raised Southern Baptist. I think we went to Good Friday services - I am sure I knew that Christ died on Friday and arose on Sunday. But, honestly, Sunday was mostly about getting a new dress and wanting to look as nice as my friends did on Easter morning. I am not trying to bash Baptists or any other faith. Heck, we will all be up in heaven together and we need to spend time focusing on what brings us together and not what pulls us apart. I am sure I was just not getting all that was being presented to me in that church.

When I started dating Sean, he was Episcopalian. They didn't go much - Easter and Christmas Eve. Yet, once Sean started attending the Baptist church with me, his mom was very angry about that. In fact, on Sunday morning, while his family slept, he would sneak out to the carport and push is jeep out into the alley so they wouldn't hear him start it. While growing up, Sean spent a lot of time with his Grandma. She had a very strong faith. I am so grateful to her because I honestly believe so much of the good things I love about my husband were instilled in him by that precious lady.

The first time I attended the Episcopal church - I thought it was crazy. I was cynical. I didn't understand how reading prayers could be fresh and real. I thought those people were just "going thru the ropes" and not being heartfelt in their worship. I can be very judgemental about things that I don't understand.

Now, I have been active in the Episcopal Church for years. I LOVE it! To go thru the entire Lenten season of 40 days of making a sacrifice, even as small as it was, helps me to keep thoughts of my Saviour's sacrifice close in thought. Then to go through all the services on Holy Week, I really felt like I had seen a small part of the process Christ went thru that week before His death and resurrection. Saturday night we have an Easter Vigil. The service starts dark and as we get through the service we go from sadness to joy. It was very emotional for me. I was filled with joy!

I really get so filled with gratitude that it feels like it will overtake me - it starts in my chest and begins to grow all over my body. I wish I had words to express it. There are none. A woman that used to not be able to get out of bed or leave her home is now worshiping God by singing in the choir, volunteering at a pregnancy crisis center, and now, through an amazing business, spreading hope to other people daily! God has given me my own mini resurrection. I hope that is not offensive to anyone, but I truly feel that way. I had NO hope and now my life is filled with more hope than I ever dreamed possible again.

Last Friday was good Friday - but because of that day - today can be a great Friday, and tomorrow and EVERY day is filled with hope. He didn't just bring us hope all those years ago - He is bringing miracles every single day NOW!! He is still the God of miracles, and I am so grateful!


Shellmo said...

This is a great and inspirational post for Friday! It's so wonderful to hear of your strong faith!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

This is so refreshing to read...I am happy you are enjoying your church and YOUR life also!!!
have a great weekend!!!

Jen said...

It's great that you give give God the credit!! It is important to be comfortable and happy in the church you attend, God doesn't want us to be miserable.

citizen of the world said...

A very happy Friday to you, too. That's a funny evolution and a good example of how different sorts of services can speak to us.

reliv4life said...

shelley - thanks

suz - you too!

jen - He gets ALL the credit, always

citizen - SO happy to see you back!! and yes, that is true, we are all different.