Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Day

Today was a much better day than yesterday. It was full of sunshine, fun, and hope! It was a new beginning and a fresh start. April fools day always reminds me of my maternal Grandma because she ALWAYS had a good one to pull over on everyone's head! She was a woman that could always find a reason to get up in the morning and make a difference in the world - all the way until just a few weeks before her death at the age of 94.
"They won't all be sunny days - Life's gonna bring out some rain But I can restore it. I'll be that much stronger for the pain. So, even when I'm sad I know everyday I have is still beautiful." Jessica Simpson


citizen of the world said...

April is such a hopeful month - warmth, flowers, green.

Shellmo said...

April always seems like the beginning of the start of something new and fresh! :-)
Glad you are having a better day today! Sunny days are ahead!!

reliv4life said...

Citizen - yes it is!

shelley - thanks! and so far they have all been sunny since the one bad one!!