Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I am about to burst and have to tell someone!! I have NEVER been good at keeping secrets. See these beautiful German Shorthair puppies? One of them will be living in my house SOON! We lost our precious Shorthair, Red, about 3 years ago. He escaped from a hotel room in Butte, MT and we never found him again. We had gone over for Reagan's birthday, stayed in a hotel just for fun. We had gone to a play and when we returned he was gone, just gone. We went back and searched for him for the first few months, to no avail.
Red was Sean's hunting buddy. He still cries when we talk about him. Sean will be 40 in May so guess what? Yep - Happy Birthday to Sean!! I hope he is happy and will enjoy training another bird dog. I also hope he is prepared to pick up LARGE piles of poop. There is a world of difference in what comes out of Chica, our chihuahua, and what these thing will eventually produce!!

The three kids and I went to meet them last night. OH MY they were so cute! I thought one would stand out to me, but NOPE! So, I decided I will let Sean decide. He will eventually get to pick, in FOUR weeks!! I need to quit thinking about their cuddly goodness or I am gonna slip up!! and month is a long time!!


Jen said...

I love puppy smell!!!
Oh exciting for you all-I'm sure the wait is killing you.
I can't wait to see how Chica bosses this put around.

Shellmo said...

Yea for a new puppy!! Those short haired dogs are so cute! My hubby wanted one (but I won out w/ the Bernese. He can have a short haired later on in life - ha,ha!) I'm anxious to see what Chica will do too!