Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Forty years old

I will be forty in a few weeks. I keep thinking some sort of dark depression will come upon me, but it doesn't seem to be showing up. Maybe it will the morning I wake up and realize I am actually forty, but I kinda doubt it. The truth is, I feel better at forty than I did at thirty actually. I was not sick yet at thirty, but I was tired and just not that motivated. I was beginning to have knee and foot pain and had major PMS. I had blood sugar drops at times that left me shaky...so yes, my body was already starting to show some signs of deteriorating! How fab at 40 to have those things gone!!

I can still remember the day I turned thirty, standing in the bathroom, looking in the mirror. I am glad I did not know then what hard times were ahead for me. We had only moved to Montana a few months before I turned thirty. I remember looking in the mirror thinking, "Jesus' ministry started at age thirty". I can not tell you where that even came from - or why it is so vivid in my memory.

I wonder what I will be thinking in a few weeks when I look at myself on the morning I turn forty years old? I know one thing, I feel more like I am on the right path for my life than I ever have before. I feel excited every morning about my day. I do think I am finally becoming the wonderful woman that lurked inside of me all those years, but never could really get out. I think I am truly beginning to be the Michele I was designed to be. I am FAR from arrived, but it feels good to at least know I am going down the right path.

Forty, smorty...it is just a number, right?!!!


Jen said...

40 is a good thing!
That is the year we built our log home. I think it will be great for you too, by the sound of your attitude.

citizen of the world said...

40 was just a number for me 6 years ago! Seriously, I feel healthier and more comfortable in my skin in my 40's than I ever have.


Shellmo said...

I'll be 42 next month (gasp!) - but I do remember when I turned 40 I thought this is the 2nd half of my life - let's make it the best! I wish you happiness and health!!