Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Great Day

It is going to be a great day!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it!! One of the Vice Presidents of Reliv will be here in little ole Bozeman today. He will be here to discuss the new product - see previous post.

Having gotten to meet many of our corporate leaders and sit down and visit with them, I am still amazed at just their down to earthness. That sounded weird - what I am trying to convey is that they are just the most humble, wonderful people you would ever want to meet. They do not elevate themselves or expect any special treatment. In fact, if anything, they are spending their time serving us and seeing how they can help us. It is such a flip flop from most corporate jobs. They are just genuine people, just like you and me. I LOVE that! It is just another reason I am so blessed and feel honored to be a part of Reliv International.

It is going to be a fun day!! Hope yours is fabulous as well!!!


citizen of the world said...

I think it's really important to like and respect the pople you work for, so it's great that you can.

My own boss is a little difficult at times. :)

Shellmo said...

That is so nice for you that the people you work with are down to earth! I don't miss the corporate rat race at all!

Jen said...

I'm excited that you're excited! Liking the people you work with is a big plus!

reliv4life said...

citizen - absolutely! I have had few bosses like that!!

Shellmo - yes, you have joined the life of more freedom and choices!!

Jen - thanks jen! definately!

citizen of the world said...

I am self-employed. :)