Monday, November 17, 2008

From Sappy to Happy

Well, today has definitely been happy! Lizzie and I made cupcakes. She helped and even iced them - wow - I think she will learn to enjoy cooking as much as I do!

Doesn't this melted chocolate look great?! Well, it is NOT - it is unsweetened chocolate. Jake thought he would sneak a little taste, and I heard a holler from the kitchen! He says, boy, when they say Unsweetened chocolate, they really mean it!

Here is Lizzie chopping up the chocolate. She had a lot of fun!

Here is another reason my day went from sappy to happy. No matter what is going on in my world, Lizzie can always bring some sunshine to it! Lizzie has discovered a new love for clay. These are early birthday presents - chocolates, a flower, and me in a passionate embrace with a snowman. I have NO idea why I am embracing a snowman. I really do like that I am so skinny compared to my cold friend, but this image really perplexes me. I am sure it means something on some level I am not getting???????? Those are my cards she made in the background. It has been a good day.


Shellmo said...

How fun to bake w/ Lizzie! I think I would like to bake w/ Lizzie too! And that snowman & you embracing is very creating - maybe it means you embrace winter??!!

reliv4life said...

shelley - yes, she can be pretty fun...MOST of the time, she does have her 6 yr old moments though - OH MY GOSH!! Love the embracing winter theme - I was all paranoid it was psychologically weird and look at you come up with a great one!! thanks!!

citizen of the world said...

I love cooking with my younger child, too. (Yummy looking cupcakes!)

Jen said...

You lucky mom!!