Friday, November 14, 2008

Walk with a Mission

This photo was taken in August in St Louis. Reagan has that big grin because she just finished her first official 5K run. She was SO excited. I had just completed a one mile walk that I could not have even dreamed of doing the year before. Sean - well, Chica brought him along as her chauffeur apparently!! She walked about 1/4th of the mile, but she was tired out - just look at those short little legs - what do you think she is, a dog or something?
The Walk for a Mission raises funds to support the Kalogris Foundation. We are feeding over 43,000 starving people, mostly kids around the world. I am honored to be a part of it.
Reagan has transformed in so many ways in the past few years. Two major things have greatly affected her self confidence. She used to have cystic acne. The dermatologist wanted to put her on acutane. She was furious, not because of the drug itself, but because it is a federal law that anyone on acutane must take birth control. She isn't much into government control. :) Secondly, she has gone from a size 17 to a size 9. It is so wonderful to see her be able to wear sundresses for the first time since hitting puberty - the acne was on her face, back and chest pretty severely. It is also fun to see her go shopping and enjoy herself! I am so glad that she is heading into a future so different from mine.
I have only lost 20 pounds over the past year. When fall hits one of the things I usually dread is pulling out all of my winter pants and trying to squeeze into them. Well, this is the first winter in a long time that everything fit comfortably!! That felt like a victory in itself. I will eventually get to a healthy size, I am OK with going slow with it. I am just glad for the first time in my life things are reversed, I am taking it off instead of putting it on!! Reagan is my inspiration.


Jen said...

Cute smiley picture!
How wonderful your daughter being an inspiration to you! I'm sure she feels the same about you with all the strides you have made.

citizen of the world said...

Good for all of you!

I understand the reasoning behind the BC thing because of the serious birth defects linked to accutane, but how on earth can they legislate what someone actually takes? I think it's not the government's business to be controlling women's bodies.

reliv4life said...

Jen - you know, I think you are right!

Citizen - I agree.

Shellmo said...

Congrats to your family!

(And I wish there was a better drug than acutane to take - that is crazy about having to take BC w/ it too - makes me wonder why is actuane approved to use for treatment anyways.)