Friday, February 1, 2008


" ' Be encouraged, dear woman, You are made well because you believed.' And the woman was healed from that moment on." Mathew 9:22

I wish I could pass hope on to all those suffering today. Our world is full of dispair. I think sometimes we look around and see those around us with worse problems and feel like we shouldn't be sad or angry or upset because our lives could be so much worse. And that is true...we can always find someone with more problems than us, but that doesn't mean our hurts are not really hurts. Our pain is still real, no matter if it is about relationships, money, health, careers, whatever. I know one thing, that God can and does deliver His children.

If you are feeling dispair today, for whatever reason, have hope! God doesn't want us to stay in that dark place any more than we want to be there. I do think God uses these times to teach us and grow us, if we choose to learn. I know thru my horrible years it was terrible and I wouldn't really choose to go thru it again. At the same time, I am so glad God has brought me to be the person I am today VS. the one I was before. God makes lemonaide out of lemons...and He is really good at it!

How can I extend hope to you? What would I have wanted to hear all those years that I was living in a dark, dark place? "This too shall pass" is a good one, and usually true. I guess more than anything, even though I felt helpless and hopeless, I felt so weak and yet, now from the other side I look back and see that I was filled with strength. Strength and courage to get up each day and face it, whatever it held. God gave me that. Also, NEVER GIVE UP!! Do not buy into that crap that God wants you sick, or fat, or poor, etc... that is NOT what God wants. He wants us to be humble, which does not require any of the above situations! God wants us to live in abundance!! Keep your eyes open and your heart softened, thru lots of prayer and seeking of God. I didn't expect my miracle to be powder in a can... so, don't assume you know how God will choose to deliver you. He is a God of miracles, and sometimes life changing surprises!!

To quote my wise son, Jake - "Jesus - He rolls cool and I am one of His Posse!"