Monday, February 4, 2008


Well, tomorrow is Fat Tuesday, then it is Ash Wednesday. So, it is time to figure out what I will sacrifice for Lent. Sometimes I give up something like People magazine, sometimes I add something, like pray for something specific everyday. I am not sure what to do this year. I do not believe across the board everyone should sacrifice for Lent, but I do know for me it brings so much more meaning to Easter. It isn't like a huge, dramatic thing, but during those weeks prior when I am doing a token sacrifice it brings closer to my heart the large sacrifice my Saviour has made for me. I am not crazy about Lent, but Holy Week is the highlight of my year.

I grew up southern baptist and I knew Easter meant that Christ was risen, but it seemed more about the new dress and hat than anything spiritual. There is something amazing of going thru the entire week of services that brings Easter morning an entirely different meaning. It truly feels like a spiritual celebration! I love that.

Whatever I choose to do for Lent will not even come close to what Christ has done for me, well could it!! I just hope during the next few weeks I grow a little more grateful, a little less selfish and a little more into the woman Christ wants me to be.


Friar Tuck said...

I never did lent in my churches I attending growing up. Isn't lent something you find in dryers and your belly button?

reliv4life said...

Ha Ha!! You freaked me out, I thought I might have spelled it wrong, I jumped on and googled it.. whew!! HA!!