Saturday, February 16, 2008


I really LOVE being a parent most of times. Sure, there are moments when I feel like running away or throwing in the towel, but those are fairly rare in the big scheme of life. I do find at times it is hard to meet each kid where they are and feel I am adequatly parenting them all in the ways they need at all times. I guess this is probably not possible with 3 kids. Which brings up what is on my mind. I have met a lady, who seems to be a really neat person. She has 3 birth kids, 4 adopted siblings from Ukraine, 1 adopted son from Hiati. That is 8 children. We were having quite a discussion about it all. Then the conversation took a turn as she shared they have paperwork in process for 2 girls from Hiati to come home soon... now we are at 10, are you following the numbers here? They are also in the process of choosing a sibling group of 3 from Ethiopia right now. I asked if that would be it she responded, "Well, at that point our 15 passenger van would be full, so I guess that will be it." Now, she talked a lot about God and this being a calling, etc... So, it really is not my place to judge what she and her husband choose to do. I just wonder if it is possible to parent that many kids at once. Many of whom have emotional needs due to their previous experiences. My teenagers refer to them as "child collectors", which is actually a fairly accurate name I guess. I just wonder if it is a calling or is there a mental imbalance somewhere? I truly do not know the answer.


Friar Tuck said...

I think once you get to a certain age they start helping parent each other.

I think it is kind of strange though.

reliv4life said...

I suppose it is not for me to judge anyway! Besides, there are lots of things I am inadequate at that other people seem to handle beautifully!! only God knows I suppose.

Anonymous said...

God provides. Besides, one would assume the kids would be better off living with a caring and loving, if harried, family than in an orphanage, right?
Family planning, limiting the size of families, is a pretty modern practice. There were a lot of big families all through history, and I don't think all those children grew up into issues-ridden adults. My mother, for instance, was one of 12 in a poverty-stricken family out in the country. When I go to visit that side of the family now, they are such a happy, well-adjusted and fun bunch... And there are a lot of only children out there, growing up with every opportunity and lavished with the full attention of both parents, and still turning into messes.
Bottom line is, I don't think size matters much (haha)(though I'm definitely a fan of big families), nor does money, but love and wisdom certainly do.
OK sorry for the long comment...