Friday, February 8, 2008

The Borrowers

I have seen the movie, "The Borrowers" a couple of times. I now know that those little people are living in the walls of our house. Yes, that must be it because it could not possibly be a matter of disorganization on my part, right?

Items we are urgently searching for presently in our house:
1. BOTH sets of keys to my van
2. Reagan's wallet
3. One set of key's to Reagan's truck
4. Jake's Book of Common Prayer
5. Tickets to Gypsy dated Feb 10 (buying them 2 months early, then loosing them defeats the purpose!!)
6. Elizabeth's Coat

So, I hope the borrower's enjoy driving one of the vehicles, while reading Prayers together, staying warm in Lizzie's coat on their way to watch the Broadway edition to Gypsy at the Field house this sunday!!

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suesun said...

By coincidence, I am in the middle of reading The Borrowers to my boys! We now look at our home through different eyes, and imagine what they might use various things for. All houses have borrowers, I am convinced.