Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Whole New World

Well, I have been introduced to a world I never even knew existed before. This weekend we are staying at a hotel and "Scrapbooking". It is an interesting process. I have dabbled with this sort of stuff, mostly because my mom does it and has tried to show me how a few times before. I really didn't know what to expect on arriving. What sort of people do this sort of thing? I kinda expected it to be a lot of older women my mom's age. Actually, they are mostly all around my age or younger. I came with my little bag of pictures and a few pages, stickers, etc... I should have noticed my mom brought a LARGE rolling suitcase, small rolling suitcase, and two other bags. While loading the car, I was astounded she had brought so much stuff for two days. I did not realize at that time it was 1/8 personal items and the rest was all "necessary" items to scrapbook for two days! These women are SERIOUS! I saw a woman whose husband came along just to assist in getting all her "necessary" items into the basement. These women have bags and bags of templates, pages, stickers, etc... During dinner we were surrounded with women using vocabulary words I had never heard before, such as, "Power Palletes". Reagan wispered to me, "It feels like we are at a some sort of Star Trek convention, except these are 'creative memories' trekies"

I wouldn't say it was all for nothing. I have almost finished Elizabeth's baby book, she will be 6 in March. I suppose it is way over due!! So, even though I can not imagine me spending lots of weekends in the future doing this, and boy I pray to not ever be the one who has so much stuff I need a man to help carry it in, I am enjoying time with my mom and my daughter. They are happy, so that alone makes me happy, no matter what we are doing.


Magpie said...

HaHa, this entry gave me a good laugh. I too have exprienced one of these conventions. I was almost sucked in before my attention span (and money) gave out. I still like keeping scrap books but mine are simplistic. It's amazing what some of those "trekies" can do tho'

I grew up around Helena mostly

Friar Tuck said...

reagan cracks me up