Monday, February 11, 2008

Items now found!

From the previous list we have now found:

1.One set of Van keys
2. Elizabeth's Coat
3. Reagan's Wallet
4. Gypsy tickets - boy I was pleasantly surprised - that is a great play if you ever get the chance
to go see it!

Today Lizzie and Jake are auditioning for a play, Robinson Crusoe. It is a theater group that comes into town, works with the kids for a week, then put on the play friday night and saturday morning. It is usually fun. Jake is really excited, mostly because it means no math this week! :)!! This will be Lizzie's first time, bet she ends up loving it. She is a bit of a drama queen. I almost said, just like her brother, but queen wouldn't be appropriate. What is the correct term for a male drama queen???

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Phebes said...

just like her cousin----