Friday, August 8, 2008


We are in Wall, South Dakota tonight. We are making our way across from Montana to Missouri. We love road trips. We really enjoying seeing new things and the convenience of stopping whenever we want.

It was really a long day. I got up at seven, but we didn't actually drive out of town until after 11. Once again my disorganization was rampant. I have a lot of good qualities, but organization is NOT one of them. I get pretty upset and down on myself about it. I just start feeling like a failure. It is not like the entire responsibility is mine - the rest of the family was not sitting in the car waiting for me to get my ___ together. We were all busy getting things ready. So, why do I allow myself to go to that place of putting all the blame on me? I am not sure, but I recognize it and will work on that. The guilt and shame does not benefit me or my family. It just puts me in a bad mood and then I am grumpy.

Well, all things considered, it was a good day. Once I recognized my source of "grumpiness" and let go of the negativity, forgave myself and moved on. OH - by the way, this is my second time to travel near Sturgis the same week as the Sturgis Bike Rally. You have not lived until you have seen thousands of bikers in one spot! Old ones, young ones, fat ones, skinny ones...we even saw one guy going 75 miles an hour with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth! Now, that is talent! There were a few older - at least 50's - men with women in their early 20's. As they flew by us with NO space in between their bodies as she clung tightly to his back I asked, "Could she be his daughter?" I was hopeful...but the LOUD unanimous response from everyone in the car at once was, "NO!!"


Jonah K. Haslap said...

Maybe she was his nurse. I'd bet dollars to donuts she owns a nurse's uniform, at least.

Thanks for the shout-out on your side-bar and for visiting my blog! :)

Cassie said...

About 15 years ago we were traveling "the northern route" and it was the week of the Sturgis rally. Couldn't find a hotel for hundreds of miles. Did manage to get a bite to eat after waiting over 2 hours in Jackson, WY. Now we always make sure to check the date before heading that way. Oh, watch out for the Big horn sheep on the road. We encountered a HUGE one (black) in the pitch dark of night in the middle of the road. Brakes squeeled & praise the Lord, we didn't hit it. Drive carefully & God bless you!

Jen said...

I've been to Wall! Stopped in a got a free drink of water on the way to Mt Rushmore.

We went to Stugis too, but not during bike week. That is one tiny town.

Have fun and and be an 'easy rider' on yourself. ;)

reliv4life said...

Jonah - thanks for visiting, I feel honored you were here! LMAO about the nurse outfit - bet you are right!

Cassie - when I first found out we hit it again, I was bummed, but it honestly wasn't too bad and definately made the ride interesting!

Jen - Wall was interesting. It was a fun diversion.