Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mound City

Well, it was another interesting day of driving. We are presently in the booming town of Mound City, MO. We really have done poor timing on our motels. Both nights it has ended up either we drive late into the night or stop in a podunk town because there is nothing for MILES ahead. We have lucked out at having clean rooms at least! Tonight we had a great pool all to ourselves and had pizza delivered, so that was a treat.

Interesting things we saw today:
1 - a biker wearing a skeleton mask
2 - a woman passenger on the back of a bike clutching her purse to her side - in the middle of NO WHERE
3 - some severely strung out people at a gas station - with bruises from shooting up on their arms - this one still makes me a little nauseous, it was SO sad - I pray God delivers them from their pain and demons
4 - The Missouri River, which begins about 20 miles from our house - all the way down here now
5 - A woman passenger on the back of a bike going 75 mph reading a book

Questions we asked:
1 - Me to Reagan, "would you want to ride behind your man or would you want your own bike"
answer: there is good and bad both ways.
2 - Reag to me, "how come the woman is always riding behind the man? Does the man never just want to ride? Is she just decoration?"
3 - Lizzie - "how much longer?" X 4000

It was a good day.


Kelsie said...

I'm just getting around to answering your comment; yes I'm really back at school, and I've been so busy!
I don't buy marshmallow fondant- I make it! It's a messy process but it's worth it... it tastes sooo much better than Wilton premade fondant. :)
Here's the recipe that I use:

And thank you for leaving your comment! =)


Friar Tuck said...

Reagans comment is very funny and very cute!

Shellmo said...

What a variety of "people life" you are witnessing. A pool and pizza sound nice. Your daughter Reag is wise beyond her years!

Jen said...

Sitting in a car hours upon hours is a tough thing to do.
BTW when are you getting to your final destination? ha

reliv4life said...

Kelsie - thanks! not sure I am up to making my own fondant - sounds challenging anyway!

Reag - always for women's rights, I tell you!

Shellmo - people watching is always fun! Reag is wise, I want to be just like her when I grow up :)

Jen - we made it! Springfield, MO and we got here yesterday in time to spend the day with our 16 yr old son on his birthday!! It was a great day!!

Cassie said...

Had no idea that middle America had so much color! Have a blast.

citizen of the world said...

Travelling by motorcycle seems unpleasant to me. It's like wrapping yourself around the outside of your car.

reliv4life said...

Cassie - it was an interesting drive anyway.

citizen - LOL!! LOVE that image!