Monday, August 25, 2008

Lizzie's Little Piggies!

See that round silver thing above Lizzie's little piggies?? I thought it's sole purpose was to keep the tub from overflowing? Mine must be faulty cuz I started the bath, headed downstairs for a minute, had a phone call, then another phone call, you know how it goes, right? Then out of the blue I heard a dripping, that grew to a frantic dripping, and "OH MY GOSH, I gotta go" Click.

I ran upstairs, and just as I had suspected, at least an inch of water all over the bathroom floor. By the way, the only way to unplug an overflowing tub, after turning off the offending water of course, is to reach your arm down into the tub - causing more overflow onto the floor as a side affect.

Luckily - hard wood floors upstairs, stained concrete downstairs, 10 minutes later all was cleaned up and fine - except Jake's Keyboard which was directly under the tub on the first floor. It is presently laying upside down and will hopefully still be functional.

Just wanted to share my excitment for today! :)


Shellmo said...

How funny - but then not funny! Hardwood floors come in handy!

citizen of the world said...

That overflow thingy only works for times when it is just a teeny bit too high. It's pretty easy to quickly bypass it. Hope the keyboard survives. My son just doused his with a glass of water a few days ago and it seems to be fine now

reliv4life said...

shellmo - it wasn't funny for few minutes of terror - but then I laughed the whole time I mopped.

Citizen - so good to see you back! I suppose that must be true, cuz bypass it I did! Encouraging about your son's keyboard, hopefully that will be the case here.

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