Sunday, August 3, 2008


OK - still not having internet consistently. I am currently at my mom's house using hers. I am going to cancel my service and find someone else when we get back from our trip. Here is the kicker - they will charge $100 to come and get their equipment. Does anyone else have experience with this and is this resonable? It seems excessive. Also, our cheapest bill was $78.00 over the past 4 months that we have been having intermenten service. Seems I should be reimbursed for part of the time we could not get on when we wanted or it worked for 5 minutes and then quit. Over the past 2 years, everytime they had to send someone out, the tech would always state that whoever put the original box on the house should have put it on the south side instead of the north. Then they usually commented on if they had more time they would just move it, etc... I am tempted to turn them into the better business bureau - is that wrong? I would love to get some feedback on this one.


Jen said...

I say call them and tell them all this. Sometimes acting dumb will get you some results. By this I mean let them think they are smarter than you. Let them talk, don't interrupt them. BUT you have to be persistant as well with your complaint; in a nice stupid way. I'm NOT talking about lying.
I usually don't do the dumb thing intentionally, it just happens. LOL

kind of a related :

I called to order some boxes the other day for the office. You have to buy a bundel of 25. I asked it there was away to get fewer. (it was an odd shape and I didn't need 25) Just like 'oh gosh 25 really, blah blah. He asked how many I needed, I said three. He said he would send three as a sample. As the call was ending I said wait-I need to pay. He said "no I am sending you a sample, that means they're free." WOW!! He must've felt sorry for stupid me. And yes, I have more of these stories in dealing with FedEx and UPS and the phone company. The customer is always right. Or pitiful.

Shellmo said...

When you call - ask to speak to the manager and supervisor - and then state your problem and that you do not expect to pay for a pick up fee. I'm sure you had to pay an install fee, right?