Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm Back - Again!!

Oh my goodness - I have internet at my house again!! Woo Hoo!! I do wonder how long it will last though... The tech guy that just left assured me that this should do the trick, but I have heard that several times over the past year. How did all this happen you ask? Well...

My older little sister - older because she is older and little because she is 5' 2" - is a little bulldog. She called the internet company and said she was me. Within an hour I had the owner's son on the phone with me...interesting, isn't it? I don't really care how it happened - not that I am ungrateful - "thanks sis!!" - I am just glad to be back online.

I have missed reading your blogs so much. Just following your lives a little snippet at a time. I will be heading out there to blog world to catch up with you all now. See you soon!

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Shellmo said...

Welcome back to blog world! That's great how your sister helped!