Tuesday, August 12, 2008


This is Chica, my chihuahua. This is how she travels on road trips - right on the console. I have always wanted a chihuahua and finally got one 2 years ago - she was worth the wait!


citizen of the world said...

That's one pampered pooch.

Shellmo said...

She looks so cute - I want to rub her belly!
P.S. My husband is hispanic and our nicknames for each other are chico and chica!

reliv4life said...

citizen - yes, she definately is!

Shellmo - I LOVE that - your nick names I mean!!

Jen said...


Cassie said...

Is that a breathing machine she is hooked up to? My little moose (Baby Rocket Dog) takes up the whole passenger seat and her HEAD takes up the console! Such a cute picture.
Never been to Branson, but maybe will make the trip in my old age.:<)

reliv4life said...

Jen - we think so!

Cassie - yes I am sure Rocket Dog would take up that much room! What does she weigh? The thing next to chica is my Ipod with the converter so I can listen to it on the radio in the car!!