Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Liverpool Legends!

This picture is from left - my niece, Lensie, my daughter Reagan, and my son Jake - with, of course, the "Beatles"!!!

Tonight we went to Liverpool Legends. It was AMAZING!! They are Beatles impersonators. We had no idea if it would be good, bad or inbetween - it far surpassed our expectations. The show is produced by George Harrison's older sister. She even does a question/answer time. During the second half she came and sat in front of us... it wasn't too long after that Reagan accidentally flung her glow stick thru the air and it hit her! So, tonight, Reagan smacked George Harrison's sister with a glow stick. And to think we thought today would just be an ordinary day. I must admit to you, except for the past few years of my life, I didn't have much interest in the Beatles. Sure, I knew "Yellow Submarine" and maybe a few others, but I didn't really think I liked the Beatles. Reagan began a love for the Beatles two or three years ago. I have grown to really like their music.

Back to the concert - if you are a Beatle fan in any way, shape or form - then get on a boat, a plane or a train, or hitch hike if you have to - BUT get to Branson, MO and see this show! It was a blast!


Jen said...

I like the Beatles. We are wanting to go to Vegas and see Cirque Du Soleil again ; The Beatles 'Love' show.

Never heard of this show. Sounds fun.

reliv4life said...

Jen - OH the Vegas show is probably amazing!! I want to see it!

Friar Tuck said...

I think you have the coolest daughter in the world

Shellmo said...

Sounds like such a fun event for the whole family to attend! I can see the big smiles on your daughter and son's face!

reliv4life said...

friar - I think so too

shellmo - it was a blast!