Saturday, February 21, 2009


Since Sean and I were driving down to Houston when the conference was over, we rented a car. You know when you rent a car, you never know what kind of car you will get. We were blessed with a Kia. It was WELL used, at the end of the week we had put 900 miles on it. While at the conference everything is within walking distance, so only a few people had cars. One night we went off in search of Tex-Mex - a true slice of heaven to this TX girl. Anyway, we fit nine people inside that Kia! It was amazing, and funny, and we felt like sardines, but I am still laughing right now today just thinking about it!

Since Sean's family lives in Houston, well La Porte to be exact, they met us when we got into Ft Worth and stole Jake and Lizzie for the weekend. That was really nice because the kids were not stuck in the hotel room or at meetings and Sean and I could really concentrate on what we were there for and not worry about entertaining the kids. Then Saturday we drove down to Houston and joined them. I might get a Kia sometime in my life - 900 driving miles = 28 gallons of gas!! Unbelievable.


citizen of the world said...

Mayeb car rentals would be a good way to really test drive a caryou are considering. I never thought of that.

So sorry about the loss of the camera, that relaly bites. But glad you made it back safely and had a good trip.

Friar Tuck said...

Sounds like a good time!

Shellmo said...

Thanks for the car review on the KIa - was always curious about them. I'm laughing too thinking of 9 people in that car! ha,ha!!

Jen said...

Welcome home!! I missed you.
So glad you thought of us and made your "f" post. :) how sweet.

When I read the title I thought OH NO, your house; the camera can be replaced. ButI am furious about it!! GRRRRR! So glad you had a good trip otherwise and you are doing what you love and believe in. :D

reliv4life said...

citizen - hey yea! good idea!

friar - one of my fondest memories so far!

shelley - cool car, not sure I would want to squeeze 9 people in it again though, esp AFTER the meal! :)

Jen - thanks so much for missing me!