Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lizzie as Uncle Fester

Have you seen the Adam's Family Movie? Uncle Fester sleeps in a bed that looks similar to this! While we were in Houston, Sean's sis was kind enough to give Sean and I her bed and she slept with Lizzie on a blow up mattress. Well, it got a hole one night. It didn't seem to bother Lizzie much, she just snored away!

This room was wall to wall mattress. Kelli and Liz had one bed, Jake and the dog, Charlie, had the other. Lizzie was thrilled, she thought it was a slumber party every single night!


Jen said...

I bet Lizzie is thrilled you found your camera so you could show us her zzzzing away.
Well...I am delighted!!! :D Yippee!

Cassie said...

So happy you found your camera! Uncle Fester huh? Never saw the movie, but she sure looks comfy!

citizen of the world said...

That's literally a bed-room.

Shellmo said...

I am so happy you have your camera! And that big bed looks like its swallowing sweet Lizzie!