Saturday, February 21, 2009

Please Forgive me, Frontier

Dear Frontier Airlines,

I am asking your forgiveness for making false accusations. I truly believed someone had stolen my camera. I admit it, I jumped to conclusions. Yes, I also slandered you by telling everyone my camera had been stolen while in your care. For this, I apologize.

Imagine my surprise when I finally unpacked - yes, it has been two days since I arrived home, but who is counting? So, as I was getting to the VERY bottom of my bag, there was something shining up at me. On close inspection I realized it was my beloved camera!! I am very happy to be reunited with my precious electronic device.

Thanks for understanding that I jumped to conclusions and am a slow unpacker!

Your faithful Customer - Michele


citizen of the world said...

You found your camera! It's actually good to be wrong once in a while.

Dawn said...

oh!!!! what a relief! i think i would've sat and cried... did you? maybe not for the actual camera... but for the photos. hallelujah!!