Monday, February 2, 2009

D is for Demon Dog

This was Sean's goal - he was snarling and growling and trying to get Chica to do the same - she obliged!!

Sean never wanted my little "rat dog" as he called her - or any other small little four legged creature.

He is a manly man that needed a manly dog - right? He loves this dog to death now! He sleeps with her right next to him and gives into her every whim.

I don't think he would admit it, but he loves her every bit as much as I do, well maybe not - but pretty darn close!!


Cassie said...

Demon Dog.Good one! Cute pictures too.He's holding Chica like a baby.Awwwww. Dogs are good for the soul.

Jen said...

Darn Funny!!!ROFL!
This is my husband to a T with our Chihuahuas too!!!

Dawn said...

you should get a gold star for 2 D's!! funny how they fall in love, huh?

Friar Tuck said...

Chihuahuas are evil little rat dogs. Might as well get a ferrett instead.

Rosemarie said...

How funny that it is usually the guy that melts all over cute animals! Cutie dog!

citizen of the world said...

See, I knew she had demonic eyes!

Daisy said...

HA HA! What great pictures! I bet she is not really a demon dog---unless provoked! :D

Isn't it funny how little dogs can make even big strapping men cater to their every whim.

Shellmo said...

Laughing at Chica's snarl on her face! And then in the last photo she has such a sweet expression! Men might protest a small dog (or a cat in my case) - but then they end being the ones that love and spoil them the most!

Ben said...

I love the tongue stickin' out in the first picture. I had to go "dog" this week too.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Cute pictures Michele. Chica's snarl made me laugh. Such a mean dog!!!! ha ha... Looks like she has won Sean's heart. Should you be jealous??? ha ha


reliv4life said...

Cassie - thanks, and yes they are!

Jen - they kinda melt the ole heart I suppose

Dawn - yes it is! and thanks for the gold star!

Friar - I am sorry, but we can no longer be friends. You have insulted my dog!!

Rosemarie - too funny!

Citizen - you were right on, as usual!

Daisy - no she is not, this took ALOT of provoking, she is very gentle

Shelley - yes, you are right!

Ben - she was snarling and then started to yawn, guess she was bored with it all!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Such a cute little DEVIL. :)

reliv4life said...

Busy Bee - well, I think she is!