Saturday, February 28, 2009

Peace at Last

I am alone. I am seldom alone. Sean is at work, Lizzie spent the night at my mom's house, Jake is not home yet, and I am alone.

It is so funny how quiet being alone can be. We are a loud family. I don't even really know why, we are loud in almost everything we do, even walking. When Jake has his ipod on he paces the 1st floor, that kid is eventually going to wear a path into the stained concrete. When I am in my bed at night, and he is pacing, I can hear each step he takes.My bedroom is on the second floor. See, what I mean by loud family?

I am love this quiet. If the washer was not running, their would be no noise at all. I am going to go get in the sauna and then head to my quiet bed. aaaaaaahhhhhhhh I hope you are feeling as peaceful as I am at this moment.


citizen of the world said...

Yay for you for a rare bit of peace.

Shellmo said...

It's nice to have a bit of quiet to yourself and enjoy the moment! I relish it in the morning after the hubby goes to his office - my stepson is off to school....then I can think and daydream. (But then the cat interupts with a loud meow and is demanding food & attention! LOL!)