Tuesday, February 3, 2009


My daughter, Reagan, has an addiction. I am going to just air it right out here for all the world to see. She is addicted to gum. Don't laugh, it is a serious issue - she chews many packs a week and hides gum from her siblings.

Aren't they the cutest things you have ever seen??? Well, I think so, but of course I had a good long labor birthing them into this world - Lizzie's was the longest at an hour and a half - Whew! I have NO idea how women do that for hours and hours - but I suppose that is a blog for another day.

Jake and Lizzie gave Reagan a Gum kit for Christmas - make your own bubble gum. Then Lizzie nagged Reagan daily until Reagan agreed it was finally time to create their own gum. Lizzie PROMISED to help - see how hard she is working at creating the gum?

This is Jake giving Lizzie a lecture about licking the sugar off her hands in the middle of kneading the gum. She has a dumbfound look on her face while thinking, "there is nothing wrong with my spit being in your gum!"

They had fun creating it - and it only took them about an hour to create those 10 tiny pieces of gum. I have noticed the kit has not emerged since. I am guessing the addict finds it much easier to zip into Target and grab a few packs than to make her own. And for an addict a quick fix is important!


Shellmo said...

This was so cute and funny! I laughed at Lizzie playing w/ her stuffed animals and the "what?" expression on her face as Jake is giving her a lecture.

Jen said...

Oh this is just great! I am still laughing = not at the kids.
The way you told this I guess. LOL

and the pics with your words. LOL

Jake is in charge I can tell- Reagan is just so serious about it all and Lizzie, well.........I just want to squeeze her. :)
*still laughing*

Cassie said...

Never heard of a gum making kit. What a thoughtful gift for your kids to get their gum addict sis!! Those 10 tiny pieces of gum were made with love (& in Lizzies case, spit) and your brood will remember this little adventure for life. Good times.

reliv4life said...

Shelley - isn't she a riot?

Jen - glad you got a kick out of it - for whatever reason we seem to "get" each other's humor very well! I am glad someone gets me!!

Cassie - so true!

Dawn said...

oh that is funny! i have seen that gum kit and often thought it might be fun... but i never have made the purchase...