Thursday, February 26, 2009

Road Block

Look at that pitiful little face - ears back, tail tucked between her legs - poor Chica! These are the stairs she uses to get on and off of our bed. This is one of our cats, Milo, resting right there on top of her little stairs. Three of our four cats do this, I honestly believe it is no accident. I do not think they just happen to pick this spot, I believe it is on purpose. I think they relish in watching Chica's distress as she circles, whining, and whimpering and continuing to return to the stairs over and over again, but won't actually get on them. Feline Roadblock - very affective!

I can't look at this picture and not think of my own road blocks. How easily am I swayed from what I desire to do as soon as an obstacle pops up in my way? Am I determined enough to keep pushing my way through or to even find an alternate route? I think for me sometimes if it seems too hard I just give in and don't push through. I have learned in the past few years that it all depends on how badly I want it. If I have a big enough "why", a big enough reason, NOTHING will stand in my way. I might get sidetracked, I might do a few circles and whimper a bit about the road block, but I will pursue and seek a way to accomplish my goal, if I want it bad enough.

Chica knows I will come to her rescue. She knows eventually, after watching until my amusement is satisfied, that I will shoo the cat and she can get on the bed. Or I will just pick her up, cuddle her a bit until her little chihuahua body quits shaking and set her on the bed. In a similar way, I know that my Heavenly Father always comes to my rescue. He may shoo the obstacle away, or He may provide a different set of stairs, or sometimes He simply lifts me in His arms and holds me close until I feel comforted and loved and then He gently places me where I wanted to go in the first place.

Yes, when God places a desire or passion in my heart, I do my best to pursue it and follow it, no matter what obstacles are in my way. The greatest part is that He never expects me to battle my obstacles alone, He is always beside me, in front of me and/or behind me to help me see it through. I am so grateful and it makes the journey so much more fun!


Shellmo said...

I love how you tied in Chica's obstacle to life's obstacles. You are right - there are ways to get around it or thru it. Somehow God lays out the right path for us.

Jen said...

Oh yes it is so easy to sit and whine or look for someone else to take the road block away.
This is an excellent analogy, and something I need to work on.

citizen of the world said...

Nice segue.

God thing you're not wired like a chihuahua, huh?

Betsy from Tennessee said...

HI Michele, I loved this post. Life does give us roadblocks, doesn't it??? AND--what do we do??? Wait for someone to unblock the road---or make arrangements to either go another way --or get the road unblocked ourselves. I loved the way you used your little Chica as a great illustration.

Hope you have a great Sunday.

reliv4life said...

shelley - thanks, and yes, thank goodness, He does!

Jen - me, too!

Citizen - your God instead of Good cracked me up!! I don't know, maybe I am more like that silly dog than I would like to think!

Betsy - well, gosh thanks! thank you for visiting and for your kind words.

citizen of the world said...

I didn't even notice! I make that typo a lot. Also love instead of live.