Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Plain Freaky

OK - Remember when I wrote my some-what sarcastic letter to Frontier Airlines apologizing for thinking my camera was stolen while in their care? Well, I never actually contacted Frontier about the camera. I was intending to contact them, but then found my camera. Since this was the only avenue I had actually said anything about the theft, I just wrote that half joking letter on here - my blog. For your benefit, my faithful 5 or 6 people that actually read this. Well, so someone please tell me how this letter showed up in my email yesterday, please, cuz it seems kinda creepy - nice, but creepy:

Hello Michelle Grabbe,

Thanks for you note. We’re mainly glad that you found your camera!

We appreciate you flying on Frontier and would ask for your consideration of flying Frontier Airlines on your next air travel trip.

Kind Regards,

Doug Skelton
Customer Relations
Frontier Airlines, Inc.

FRONTIER AIRLINESIntroducing AirFairs. The fair way to fly from "a whole different animal."CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This email may contain confidential and privileged material for the sole use of the intended recipient(s). Any review, use, distribution or disclosure by others is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please notify the sender immediately by e-mail and delete the message and any file attachments from your computer.


Cassie said...

Whoa! You know that there must be someone at different companies whose only job it is is to go surfing for their co. name on websites. OR else you have a secret blogstalker who also is in C/S at Frontier Air!! Yikes.

Jen said...

I would write back to them and ask them. That is freaky.

Dawn said...

ooo... yikes! i guess it is a lesson in be careful what you say! at least you were kind in your letter!!

citizen of the world said...

Oh my, that is unsettling!

Shellmo said...

I know companies (including one I worked for previously) google themselves and make sure no one is defaming them - checking on news other people put there, etc.
Now I'm thinking about that comment I put on my blog the other day complaining about the checkout lines at Garden Ridge....I'll let you know if they contact me! LOL!