Saturday, March 1, 2008


Tomorrow is going to be SO fun! I have been looking forward to this for several months! It is, of course, not an 'official' Reliv trip. This was a promotion our upline offered back in Nov and Dec. Anyone that earned a Dr. Ted plaque won this trip to Chico Hot Springs! Dr Ted was the amazing man that originally developed Classic formula...anyway, that just means we helped a lot of people change their lives in December! So, we get to go to Chico with about 10 of our favorite people in the world!! YEA!!! Woohoo!!!!

I really do not share Reliv for the money, or the trips. I keep hearing from people,
"If you help people get what they want, you won't ever have to worry about yourself." What a cool business to be in, the business of changing lives, literally! So, the fact we get to go stay in a great Resort with natural hot springs is just icing on the cake. OH...did I mention the food there is AMAZING??? And I will not have to pay for any of it??!!! Pinch me, I must be dreaming... never mind, just leave me to dream, I am LOVING it!!!


Friar Tuck said...

You are a sales maniac

reliv4life said...

only just sharing from my heart, all the credit goes to God!