Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lizzie and Chica

I couldn't resist putting this picture on here. This is my 6 yr old, Lizzie and my 2 yr old Chihuahua, Chica. This is how we all feel coming to the end of Holy Week. It is the greatest week of the year, but the most exhausting as well! Don't they look sweet in Daddy's big recliner?

We have 2 services left in the week. Well, I do, my older kids are singing in 2 services tomorrow and accolyting in one, so they have 4 more to go. Tonight it is Easter Vigil, the first celebratory service after so many somber ones the past 2 days. After church we always have an Ice Cream Sundae bar and everyone that gave up a food for Lent brings enough of that item to share. It is usually really fun!! Then of course church tomorrow, with millions of people. There seems to be a lot of "Easter and Christmas Episcopalians". That is my observation anyway, probably true for all denominations, but I didn't notice it so much when I was baptist...

Happy Easter, everyone! May your life be filled with Joy, Peace, and of course - REST!!!


Friar Tuck said...

I will answer your question about the the temple soon.

I love liturgy but I am happy to be Baptist.

Kelsie said...

Happy Easter!

(In regards to your "Easter and Christmas Episcopalians" comment, I find that to be true of Catholics as well, so it is other denominations)

This weekend I'm making my sister's birthday cake. After that, I don't really have any birthdays or anything to bake for much.

I do clean up after myself in the kitchen, but not nearly enough to satisfy my parents :) I suppose every little bit counts, but when I get powdered sugar all over everything, and there's colored icing over every countertop... it gets pretty messy :) Usually it takes more than 1 person to clean it up effectively! :)

citizen of the world said...

The folks who go just on the two high holy days are called CEO's - Christmas and Easter Only.

Happy Easter and Spring to you, too.