Monday, March 10, 2008


I couldn't decide what to blog about, so here goes a random blog...

Reagan was singing in the choir less than 48 hours after having her 4 wisdom teeth cut out...amazing what good nutrition will do!

I only changed my bedroom clock so I was on time to church yesterday...then never changed any others. SO...we missed piano today!! Jake will probably forgive me eventually, but since he lives for piano, it will not be easy for him to find it in his heart to let me off the hook!

We have a mountain lion roaming our neighborhood. This is NOT an exciting thing to happen for me! The neighbor saw him in the horse pasture 3 nights ago. Then, night before last, Sean, my hubby, was putting tools in the back of his truck and heard the growl. CLOSE to him! He jumped into the back seat of his truck. He said, "You've never seen this fat man run so fast!"

I have decided that the one area in my life I complain about and have not really tried to change is my messy house. Well, I am going to do my damndest to begin to change that. I have joined a support group for Messies Anonymous! There are support groups on there for all sorts of people. I joined the one for homeschoolers and have already received all sorts of support and advise! I pray I have the discipline to really make a change for the better in this area. If you are a messy, check out the website:

Thanks for letting me ramble! Maybe I will keep you posted this week on my progress on organizing my house over spring break! I could take pictures of an area after it is done... no before pictures though, that would be WAY too embarrassing!

UPDATE: OK, after working off and on all day - here is the laundry room. Keep in mind there were baskets and clothes on the floor, on the dryer, stacked about a foot tall on the counter top! Also, the hanging rack was packed FULL. In fact there were clothes on that rack that the kids have outgrown!


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Friar Tuck said...

Your washroom looks clean!