Saturday, March 8, 2008

Wisdom Teeth

Reagan, my 16 yr old daughter, had her wisdom teeth extracted today. They do things differently now than when I had mine done 24 years ago! First of all, it is FAST!! Like Speedy Gonzales fast!! She was in there 40 minutes from the start of the IV until she was in the wheelchair. Secondly, the doctor sat down with her and explained it all to her and asked her for questions before he even started. All in a comfy conference room. I don't even think I laid eyes on my doctor until I was laying back in the chair...doubt he even introduced himself! Anyway, she did fine and it was quick. She looks good now, but hey, wouldn't we all with 800mg of Ibuprofen and Vicoden every 4 hours?

The sweetest part about the entire day was her brother. He is the biggest thorn in her side most of the time. I guess all brothers harass their sisters, but he LIVES for that. He harasses both his sisters ENDLESSLY. Then last night, he came in and asked me, "Do you think Reagan will be OK tomorrow?" I told him I was sure she would, but suggested we pray. Now, when this happens, I usually do the actual praying...he is usually the silent partner. Last night I said,"Amen" and he said, "I wanted to pray." So, he did. He prayed a beautiful prayer asking God to take care of his sister. Today, after it was all over, we pulled up at Grandma's house and he came running out, straight to the car to see his sister. I will remind Reagan of all this in a few days when she is up again and he is tormenting her. It probably won't matter, though, I am sure he will deny every bit of it. After all, it might ruin his reputation, right?


Kelsie said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I would be honored for you to have a link on your blog. And thanks for telling your son about my blog. I wish him the best with his dream of being a pastry chef!!

Phoebe said...

I love the "Jake" hair!! Both of your teens are turning into such awesome young adults! Does this mean that I am getting older as well??? Surely not...