Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Big Girl Panties!

This has become on of my favorite sayings! There are times I have to just tell myself that I am a big girl and I need to grow up! There are for sure times it is appropriate to give in to that little girl inside and play and be irresponsible. I think being grown up is figuring out when that is appropriate, and when I just need to tell myself to suck it up and be a grown up! Grown ups do dishes, and laundry and clean house - even when they don't feel like it. If grown ups decide to have kids then they decide to get up in the night and clean up...well, you know what! I am such a happier person since I started telling myself when it is appropriate to be a fun loving, irresponsible girl... and when it is time to JUST PUT ON MY BIG GIRL PANTIES....AND DEAL WITH IT!!! All you who are babies from your family of origin, should try it. On the other hand, all you oldest siblings probably need to try the little girl panties on more often!


Anonymous said...

proud of you sis. Can't wait to read the book.

Friar Tuck said...

Yeah. This is a funny quote. Kind of like the quote from beth moore that people say around here, "Get glad in the same pants you got mad in"