Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jake - Nat Geographic

It is probably easier to give a short explanation here than replying to each comment. Jake was chosen basically because someone we know - knows someone - that knows someone that was assisting these guys while shooting at Montana State University. We got a call on Wednesday asking if Jake was available on thurs. We were told that he would just be playing scales. They requested a high schooler. Once we arrived for shooting - they were running an hour and a half late, by the way, then we found out Jake was the only piano player and there were no scales involved. They wanted something classical and then for him to break it up into chords as well. Jake has only taken piano for a year - so it was a challenge, but he did beautifully.

Thursday we found out it was a film about viruses. We originally were told that Jake would play scales and a college student would be playing a more advanced piece. I do NOT know the details and will probably explain this inaccurately, but this is how I understood it. They will use the sequencing of the chords to the song as a way to show the progression of the viruses? Guess we will all have to watch and see how it works. I am sure Jake's shot will be 10 seconds or something. It will be on the actual National Geographic channel supposedly sometime in December. That is all the information I have for now! Thanks for caring enough to be interested!!


Shellmo said...

Please keep us posted when you have the exact date in dec. it will be on! how cool!!

Jen said...

Thanks for that bit of info :)
I want to see those 10 seconds of fame.