Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chica - Poor Thing

So here is little Chica, barely sticking her head out of the covers. I mentioned briefly yesterday that we had our first snow. It is still snowing, we are suppose to get about 8 inches down here in the valley and about 30 up in the mountains. Chica is not thrilled.

You should see her in the spring when the weather starts having intermittent warm and sunny days. She heads out the door with her tail wagging so hard her entire back end is moving with it. No tail wagging today. She knows what this first white spell means. She walked out last night with her head hanging low, did her business, and ran back inside as quick as dogly possible.

When it is warm, we joke that it is the weather of her people. So, what is winter to her? Torture I suppose - so we have learned, the hard way I might add, to watch for lumps in the bed - she burrows her way down under the covers and remains there as much as possible. She emerges quickly if she hears a rattle of any sort of wrapper - food is a good motivator - how sad when I am only opening a package of batteries. She only emerged for this picture because I called her name - about 10 times. Then once the picture was taken and she figured out I had only summoned her for my own measly amusement, she retreated back down into her warm safe haven.

Yes, Chica, it is only fall, but you are right, it will be a long white winter. You poor thing! But spring will return in about 6 or 7 months and you can once again wiggle your entire butt in glee!


Shellmo said...

Chica is a cute little thing! Do you dress her up in little sweaters?

Friar Tuck said...

I cant believe you have gotten so much snow. About 70 and partly sunny here.

Jen said...

This is so funny. My chihuahuas hibrinate all winter too!