Sunday, October 12, 2008

For Shelley

Shelley asked for some pictures - so here they are. Look at these poor little Pansies!

"Wait a minute here! It isn't even the middle of October yet, God!"

You didn't think you would get by without at least one picture of Lizzie, did you?

This may look like the moon, but it is the sun trying to peek through!!

View off the front deck

View off the back deck

Poor little Chica!!

We got less snow than they did in town, which is unusual. It will all be gone in a few days, I am sure. The prediction is 60 degrees by Wednesday - YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friar Tuck said...

Glad to see you will have nice weather soon again. We just had a lot of rain here

Jen said...

LOL; hard to believe.
Noting but sun and unseasonably warm temps in KY.

Shellmo said...

Michele - I am still saying "oh my god" when looking at these snow photos! It looks like it could be january! Loved the photo of Lizzie - she makes a good model! Thanks for posting these! (Are you sure you aren't in Alaska???)

reliv4life said...

friar - it is nice already!

jen - yes, it was hard to believe

Shelley - not, could not be january, it would be much deeper! :) this was just a dusting really

citizen of the world said...

Yikes! We've just barely started fall here. When I got in my car yesterday, it was 85 degrees!