Wednesday, September 24, 2008


This post is hard to write. Why? Because it is embarrassing! I dated a guy that was 3 years younger than me. Doesn't sound like that big of a deal? Well, I was 15, he was 12. He was really big for his age...and mature, does that help???

Jeff and I dated actually a couple of years off and on. His mom didn't like me much, can't imagine why?? :) I would like to see how I would have reacted if a 15 year old was dating my son at 12. Glad I didn't have to face that I guess.

I think I did really care for Jeff. We were both swimmers. He was exceptional - probably because he stood a good foot above all the kids in his age group. All the girls at every meet all over the state drooled over Jeff. Maybe that was the attraction for me? I always felt safe with him. Probably because men scared me, so he was pretty far from being a man!! I felt I could be myself and we did actually share a lot with each other. His parents went thru a pretty nasty divorce while we were together. I think we were actually a good support for each other.

When we finally broke up I led him to the Lord that day. We remained friends and I don't feel anything negative when I remember our time together. It must have been a strange relationship at times, due to the age difference, but I don't remember it that way.


Friar Tuck said...

Interesting. There are things I did not know about you.

What spawned all this retrospective.

reliv4life said...

Friar - LOL - like I am a perverted cradle robber??? I do not know where this retrospective is coming from - all I know is I feel compelled to write about it. They don't seem to be popular posts, but that is OK - I need to write them anyway - just for me.

Shellmo said...

Michele - Your 2 recent posts are bringing back my own memories! (I remember how scandalous it was when I was in middle school in the 8th grade and I "went steady" with a 7th grader - I didn't think a year made a difference but all my friends razzed me because the cool thing for the girls then was to date "older" boys.

Jen said...

Looks like it ended on a good note, and there was a reason the two of you were together. :)

Brotha Buck said...

Very sweet.