Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Hey guys! I have 4 hours until I have to get up to head to the airport, so I am not going to answer your comments individually. Please know I am honored to each of you that read my blog and comment!! I will try to answer some of your questions in this general way.

Jake's wrists: Do you want the real story or the one he wishes was real? Jake's version is that he got into a rock slide while out mountain biking. The truth? Well, he loves to swing. His dad built him a huge log swing set, and he keeps wearing out the metal bolts that attach to the swing set. So, here we are, with pain killers and appt for re xrays on friday to determine if there is a fracture in the growth plate.

Couple's massage - never had one before, guess I will let you know how obsene it is! Sean and I both love massages so hopefully we will like it. Might be weird to be in the same space I suppose.

I will get caught up with all of you next week!!


citizen of the world said...

Don't worry, we'll be here. Go enjoy yourself.

Friar Tuck said...

Have fun.

Shellmo said...

I think you will like the couples massage. Just tell them to turn the new age music up so you don't have to talk to them. Ha!!

Jen said...

Will you be posting pictures as well? *sheepish grin*

Anonymous said...

Hey, just want to say hi. I'm new here.

Anonymous said...

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