Saturday, September 6, 2008


We are having an amazing time in this amazing place!! I will post some pictures after we get home, but just wanted to say "hi".

We spent more than 1/2 the day at the Spa yesterday. The couple's massage - it was not what I expected. To be honest, it was like I was alone. I never heard or even knew Sean and his therapist were in the same room. By the way, Shelley, they did have the music very loud!! Maybe that is why it was easy to zone out. I talked to one lady, they have done it 3 times and she said each time they got more comfortable and talked to each other. I don't know...not too much I would want to share with Sean in that little room with two other people listening. I think I would be just as happy just doing one alone next time! Anyway, now we can say we have done it and been adventurous. That is what life is about anyway, right? I usually only grow when I leave my comfort zone.

I keep finding myself tearing up at different times. It is just so hard to believe that it was not all that long ago I was afraid to leave my house and I am now here, having a vacation that I don't have to pay for!! Pinch me please!! Never mind, just leave me here in my dream world, cuz it is pretty amazing.


Shellmo said...

Michele - LOL at the loud music!! I'm pinching you now - you're on a well deserved vacation - have fun!!

Jen said...

Good for the both of you!
Dream on and Enjoy!!

reliv4life said...

shellmo - LOL! thanks!!

Jen - Thanks so much!

citizen of the world said...

Well, I guess that makes sense. I'm not sure what the big advanatge is over individual massages unless one of you is on the suspicious side.

Glad you are having fun.

Cassie said...

Very interesting. I think I like alone massages the best. I go for therapeutic massage pretty regularly, & my gal is kind of like a bartender. I talk to her about all kinds of stuff. Sometimes I must remind myself that this is to relax my muscles, including my mouth muscles!
Have fun on your vacation.

reliv4life said...

citizen - that would be sad to be that suspicious that you had to go in the room to make that would be a weird relationship!

cassie - I also talk a lot during a massage...I didn't this time, but with my regular girl I do. Sometimes I have to remind myself to be quiet and just enjoy it!

Jen said...

Are you still in dream world?
Thinking of you!