Friday, June 6, 2008

Road Trip #2!

I am off on another road trip! This time we are going to Pocatello, ID to see Trish Fischer. She is a great Reliv distributor that will be training us! YEA!! I am very excited. It is funny, these people I have heard of and listened to on CD's and phone calls for almost 2 years and then to meet them in person! SO FUN!!

Today will be my good friend Julie and another distributor named Dex.... just the 3 of us... hope Dex took his wheaties today to be stuck in the car with Julie and I!!

Back to Trish - when I actually get to meet these people in person, to me they feel almost like a celebrity...but the truth is, they are just average people that have started exactly where we all start and have just persevered thru the discouraging times. They are always very humble and it appears somewhat embarrassed at all the attention. Pretty great people to surround yourself with.

So - here's to all of you having a great weekend - and coming a little closer to making your own dreams come true - whatever they are!! I feel like I am living a dream come true and just want everyone to find that peace and contentment - it is possible - never quit believing!

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