Monday, June 9, 2008


It was a great trip to Pocatello. The training was done by some neat people. One of them was a lady I have looked up to for several years. She has built a business around 8 kids, so she is pretty much a no non-sense kind of woman! She doesn't really accept excuses from herself or others. She makes more in one month that most people make in a year. She is very successful, but totally surprised me this weekend. Some of the things that I felt really spoke to me were about prioritizing. One of the things she said was, "Don't lose your relationship with your kids to build this business." That spoke to me... too often I have been putting my kids off to just make one more call. I am letting the distributors under me determine my schedule, instead of setting my own schedule. Basically, I need some balance, and didn't even recognize it until this weekend. I think part of it is that I really LOVE what I do. When you actually get to see people's lives transform in front of you, it can become addicting.

I think this weekend just reminded me of who I am, really. Since I was a little girl, I just wanted to be a mom. It was always a dream of mine. I actually wanted 6 kids, but am SO glad I only have 1/2 that many...I really would be insane! I even became a Dental Hygienist in order to be able to make decent money and work part time once we did have kids. So, fast forward...I have 3 fabulous kids, and I will only blink and they will all be grown and gone. I will never get this chance with them again. So, I will choose when and with who I will sacrifice precious time with my kids to be with. That is just the facts. I am not going to be pulled this way and that way anymore. I am strong in my beliefs and where I want to be as a woman, a mother, and a Reliv distributor. I just needed a shove back in the right direction.

So, from now on, it will be #1 - God, #2 - Family, #3 - Reliv - in that order! AAAAAHHHHHHHH I feel better already.

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citizen of the world said...

I'm glad you had a good road trip, and also a chance to be rim=nder about rpiorities. I love it when the universe conspires to re-teach me something I had lost sight of. Balance! It's everything.