Thursday, June 5, 2008

Grey's Anatomy

OH my gosh - I LOVE Grey's anatomy! I used to watch it all the time. I have always Tivo'd it and watched it commercial free. Well, then we had the writer's strike and I got used to not watching, when it came back this spring with 4 new episodes, I never did watch them or even remember to record them. So - the past two days I have watched all four on my computer... and it was GREAT! By the way, they are now having 30 second commercials during the Internet viewing...that is kind of a bummer, but still SO worth watching it.

I don't even know why I like the show. Is it the sex...maybe, the blood and guts, maybe... I really more think it is the way it is written. So often I do not see what is coming and it takes me by surprise. Yes...maybe that is it the intrigue and excitement of not knowing what is coming next.

I am so not like that in real life. I am not really a planner, per say, but I kinda like to know the general game plan. Maybe I should throw out my rule book and live a little and fly by the seat of my pants more often. I am going to try to add more adventure and excitement to my daily life. I remember my Grandma that matter what was planned, she would get what we call "a wild hair" and we would be off doing something unexpected. I have those genes in me somewhere, I need to let them come out more often!

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Shellmo said...

I like this show too - not always predictable!