Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A New Day

Here I am on a new blog journey! I had a blog once, years ago. It was way back when the rug had been swept out from under my feet and I was floundering thru life. I would spend weeks without leaving the house and blogging was a connection to the outside world I suppose. I am so grateful to not be in the dark place any longer! In fact, just this morning I went to town with my two girls and it is something I was not able to do for many years and am SO grateful to be able to just live life again.
My purpose of this blog is to document my Reliv Journey. For those of you who do not know, Reliv is a food science company based in St Louis, MO. It is patented nutrition. In short, it is powder in a can...but boy, what that powder has done for me and my family is amazing! I used to suffer from Environmental Illness, basically my body overreacted to almost everything it came into contact with...like perfumes, gasoline, cleaning supplies, processed food, etc.. I now go places and do things that were impossible for me before. I have my life back!! I praise God for everything about Reliv, the products and the business as well. There really are not words to describe being able to share this with someone and watch their lives change as well. This is truly a ministry to me and I am humbled and grateful that God is allowing me to be a small part of nourishing our world!

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Friar Tuck said...

Your picture looks like you are in an office.