Sunday, January 27, 2008

Forgiveness vs Judgement

I was reading a post on Tabitha's blog this morning and she was talking about forgiveness. ( ) It got me thinking a bit about some of my past experiences. I do think there are things that as humans it is hard to forgive. I also think sometimes we get way too wrapped up in the faults of others. I have had two experiences where unforgiveness of others has surprised me. I guess for me maybe it falls more into judgement than unforgiveness. The first experience was years ago when we had taken in several children from an abusive situation. They had lots of issues and we were 23 at the time. Within 2 weeks we found out I was pregnant and so we began finding homes for the four children in their biological family. I will never forget what some of the people from church said to about "loving unconditionally" and "loving like Christ". I was floored. It was my first experience with what I term "legalistic, judgemental" Christians. My non-Christian friends seem to be more understanding and encouraging, which opened my eyes a bit. But confused me at the same time. Then these past years I struggled with my health and along with the physical stuff I had SEVERE anxiety and depression. Many Christian people I know have told me how much I was sinning because if I just trusted God I would not be anxious or depressed. I bought into it and would just beat myself up more and then it created a desperate cycle of MORE depression and anxiety.

I just think until we have walked in exactly someone else's shoes, we should give them the benefit of the doubt and extend a hand of love and not judgement. I bet if I turned that critical look back on myself I will notice I do have a large log sticking out of my eye, which makes my sister or brother's splinter seem quite small!

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