Friday, January 25, 2008


I forgot how fun blogging can be. Fun to write down things and it is interesting how writing it down can take you to a deeper level on a subject than you had considered before. Weird, like I learn things about myself when writing them down. Also, very intriguing that two people that used to be a big part of my life and have not been in it much of late have been my biggest fans. Humbling really... Life is like that I suppose. Surprising...

We had fun yesterday. It was a blah day around here... the teenagers were off doing school and church stuff. Which is not why it was blah... it is nice for them and for us to get separation at times! :) But Lizzie, my 5 year old, Sean and I were just here and we decided to go and just have fun. We did Burger King for lunch. By the way, that was the first time I had eaten Burger King in still leaves you with that bloated, yuck, fast food feeling! Lizzie had a blast though, there were several girls there and they played and played! Then we went to the movie, and finished up with several hours at the library. Lizzie got her first Library card and it was red letter day!

Isn't it funny when you are in a library with tall bookshelves and you can stand there and it feels like you are all alone? I like that feeling, like being lost in the middle of all the books you could ever read. Well, I was standing there in my own little world, just browsing, and suddenly this massive hand comes thru from the other side of the shelf and begins to push and pull books into a straight line! First of all, it ripped me from my little serene world I was creating for myself, and secondly..."what the heck is this guy doing???" Well, you know in movies where people look between the shelves and see someone else? It was like that, only he ran quickly away. Guess I scared him as well. I still have NO idea what it was about. My best guess is he has OCD and must straighten books on shelves! Any thoughts on this one?? Any similar experiences?