Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Let Go and Let God

Isn't it funny how so many things in life bring both joy and fear? Sometimes mixed together?? Tonight I was doing the Reliv presentation, well I was nervous. I have heard it said that man's greatest fear, even above dying, is to stand up and talk in front of people. I think that is true. I also think when God places a passion in your heart, I mean PASSION, it will find its way out of you sometimes in spite of you. When I think of Reliv my chest fills with SO much emotion I feel I might burst. I will try to find the words to describe it... gratitude, joy, humbleness, honor, excitement, all wrapped up. Underneath all of that is a great sense of urgency for all those out there that are praying for answers. I just feel like I have to find them and share before it is too late, either health wise or financially. That is when I have to let go and let God. My job is only to be a messenger. Did you know God placed 14th out of 60,000 distributors in December? The bonus check has Sean and my name on it, but it isn't really ours, it belongs to Him. All we did was exactly what He told us to each day, that is why He gets all the credit. It is so true that no matter where we are in life, good or bad, it will not last forever. That is life. Life is like a roller coaster ride, sometimes scary, sometimes exciting, but always surprising! God is the safety bar that never fails. He will keep us grounded and safe, but we must pull Him to us and hold on to him tightly when it gets scary. When I hear the click, click, click of the roller coaster coming to a stop one day, I want look back on this wild ride called life and know in my heart I did all that God asked of me, no more and no less. Only then will I be able to say it was a GREAT ride!


Friar Tuck said...

Where do you do all of these presentations?

reliv4life said...

Reliv does tues. night presetations all over the country. Ours are at the Comfort Inn in Bozeman. You should see Doug Stout, you wouldn't even recognize him! I have never seen him talk so much in my life! It is really fun, Kara (mandeville) Grossfield is one of our leaders!