Friday, March 6, 2009

Strange Thursday

It was a strange Thursday. First of all, my computer it is DEAD - I will have to take it in and see what can be salvaged. I think I got a virus, cuz it just started acting crazy and as I was trying to fix it and back up, etc...the screen went black and says some file is missing. I can't get it to do ANYthing!
Yesterday morning there was a gas explosion here in our town. Sean went, of course, cuz he is a fireman and that is what they do. They could not cap the gas off, and there was still fire burning when he finally left last night about 8pm. He is working a 48 hr shift now, so he is already back out there. Most of this city block is destroyed, but glass and roofing material was blown in a 4 blk radius around this. Sean said there is a 10ft deep crater in the back of this building. Quite a big deal for our little town. Of course they flew the Governor and Lt. Governor, etc... in as soon as they all heard about it. I felt so much better that we had spent a lot of money to bring in the politicians to sit around and do nothing. Money well spent, I say!
Lizzie had a bad day. Sean was at a meeting that morning and so he was only a few blocks away and called about 8:20 to tell me he was heading over. It is like I always feel like he is safe, but in the back of my mind I wonder what is really going on. I finally turned the local radio station on about 10:30 and they made the announcement that they could not find a valve to turn off the gas. Lizzie was in here and went into a panic. Needless to say, the radio remained off for the remainder of the day. She is much like her big sister, she avoids her feelings and does a very good job of shelving them. So, through out the day she was a little clingy and whiny, but did not want to talk about anything. When we got home from Jake's piano lesson, we turned the TV on and it was on the news, there was Sean for about 2 seconds - Lizzie exclaimed, "It's daddy! See, he is alright!" Which showed me that she was worrying more than I had thought. When Sean walked through the door about 9pm last night we were all very happy to see him. We were getting ready for bed and Lizzie said, "Can we get in your bed and all snuggle? Dad can be the patty, and mom and I will be the bun - we will be a happy family sandwich!" All was good in her world once again.

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Jen said...

Rocking Bar!
Well that would be nerve racking. I don't think I would make a good firemans wife.